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Discover a treasure from Bali's past - a pair of exquisite Balinese bridal wood carvings dating back to the 1940s. Carved from solid, weighty wood, these pieces showcase unparalleled artistry and rarity, capturing the essence of Balinese wedding traditions with intricate detail and cultural significance. Adorned with symbolic motifs and meticulous craftsmanship, these carvings are more than decorative items; they're a tangible link to Bali's vibrant heritage. A unique find for collectors seeking exceptional craftsmanship and a piece of history, these carvings promise to be a standout addition to any collection dedicated to preserving the beauty and culture of Bali.


Code: 681

Dimension (Female)

Height: 37cm

Width: 29cm

Weight: 1910gr 


Dimension (Male)

Height: 34cm

Width: 23cm

Weight: 1710gr 

Material: Hardwood




"Rare balinese bridal carvings: 1940s heritage artistry"


    An Unparalleled Art Collection

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