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About Us

Tradition Unfolds: 40 Years of Puppet Treasures."

Theater Art Gallery was created by Nen Lukhita and Chan in 1981 featuring one of the largest indonesian collection of old puppets in the style of wayang. They were aware that with the advent of Television and Internet this precious and most characteristic indonesian artform would slowly vanish and mutate into new forms of expression. So they collected its finest examples and studied its most remarquable characteristics including its masterful carving and chiselling aspects, its typical paintlines with its various forms of natural pigment colors. But also its precious ornaments and jewels and its various forms and meanings of fine hand made batik-, silk-and brocated costumes as well as its multitude of aggregates: krisses, swords and spears and various ritualistic objects.  

An Unparalleled Art Collection

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