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The Gunungan, a central element in Indonesian shadow puppetry, is a conical or triangular structure symbolizing mountains or trees. Positioned at the screen's center before the show begins, its slight tilt to the right signifies the tale yet to unfold. When the performance starts, it shifts right, marking the story's commencement.

Throughout the play, its movements indicate transitions between scenes, angled left to signify narrative shifts. Beyond its mountainous or arboreal representation, the Gunungan also symbolizes elements like fire or wind with its red hues. It often serves as a backdrop, depicting various settings in line with the story's dialogue.


Code: GUN26

Height: 105cm (incl. stick)

Width: 46cm

Weight: ca. 900gr

Material: genuine leather




Kayon shadow puppet - The tree of life


    An Unparalleled Art Collection

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