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"Tapel Gebogan"
In the past, the crowning glory of some towering temple offerings, called "Gebogan", would be a beautiful wooden ornament carved in the shape of a crowned female face : 
the balinese rice Goddess Dewi Sri. It had a wooden stick to attach the ornament to the top of the gebogan offering… 
The time and attention to detail taken in creating these wood carvings were as much part of an offering ceremony to the Gods as to the sacred Gebogan tower itself.
Today, rice or flour paste ornaments have taken the place of the wooden ornaments and only a few rare old pieces are on display at the Bali Museum in Denpasar.
Wood with old pigment- & oil-colors. 

Height: 36cm

Width: 18.5cm
Weight : 380gr

Material: Hardwood


Antique Balinese Carving for The Top of Offering Tower


    An Unparalleled Art Collection

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